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Watermelon Anmol F1 Hybrid

A revolutionary type of yellow-fleshed watermelon.

Dark skin with vague stripes, tall globe-shaped, around 3-5 Kg in weight, with crisp and fine quality flesh.

Strong tolerance against diseases. It usually takes 75-80 days from sowing to harvest.

 650.00  600.00




Germination Temperature (Optimum):  24 to 35 °C     Max.:  38°C     Min.:  16 °C

Days to Germinate:  7 to 10

Sowing Depth:  1 in.

Approx. Seeds Per 10 Gram: 230

Indicative Avg. Plant Height:  1 ft. (vine)

Spacing In Row: 2 to 4 ft.

Spacing Between Rows: 4 to 6 ft.

Avg. Days to Maturity: 75 to 100, depending upon the variety

Notes:  The most important fruits in this family are Cantaloupe, Muskmelon and Watermelon. Cantaloupes are named for the papal gardens of Cantalupo, Italy, where some historians say the first cantaloupe was grown. They are smooth-skinned or lightly netted with few ridges. Some are warted. Muskmelons are usually heavily netted and deeply ribbed with larger seed cavities than cantaloupes. Both have orange flesh unless otherwise indicated. Muskmelons are summer season vines suited to many soil, rain and temperature conditions; other melons namely, honeydew, casaba and crenshaw are “winter” melons because they ripen late in the season and can be kept a month longer after being picked if stored in a cool dry place. Casaba melons ripen with a golden yellow skin and white flesh. Crenshaw melons are oval, their skin yellowish-tan and lightly netted. Flesh is salmon coloured. Sow 2-3 seeds in hills. Plant in light, fertile, well-drained sandy loam soil. This variety is has very high tolerance to both drought and rains. After you have eaten the melon, put the rinds into compost heap. Plants love the nutrients composted. The seeds of melons are full of nourishment. Melons produce highest sugars when daytime temperatures exceed 27 °C and night temperatures are 16–23 °C. Ideal germination temperature is 27 °C, emergence takes 8 days at 20 °C, only 4 days at 25 °C.


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