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Papaya Red Lady F1 Hybrid (Dwarf Variety) 2 Gms

Papaya Red Lady F1 Hybrid features:

Early, vigorous, productive, and tolerant to papaya ring spot virus.

Plants begin to bear fruit at 60-80 cm height and have over 30 fruits per plant in each fruit-setting season.

Fruits are short oblong on female plants and rather long- shaped on bisexual plants, weighing about 1.5-2 kg.

Flesh is thick, red, with 13% sugar content, and aromatic. Good shipper.

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Days to Germinate 10-24

Germination Temperature 20-29 °C

Sowing Depth Sow the seeds in raised beds whose surface is well pulverized and heavily manured with decayed farmyard manure or compost, 1-2 cm deep and 2-3 cm apart within rows spaced at 15 cm.

Sowing Method Transplant recommended when the seedlings are between 15 to 25 cm tall

Sowing Media Very well-drained or sandy loam soil with adequate organic matter

Water Moderately

Sun Prefers full sun

Notes Very intolerant of water-logging. In high rainfall area provision for quick drainage of excess water must be made. If the plant roots are continuously submerged in water for more than 2 days the plants may die. The growing field should be kept moderatly humid as soil moisture is necessary for the growth of papaya plants. However, dry climate at the time of fruit ripening is good for improved fruit quality. Papaya does not like strong winds and extreme temperatures. It is, therefore, recommended to grow papaya plants in sheltered spaces that receive full sunshine. The plants need protection from strong winds. Staking or growing windbreaks can provide effective support and protection. Minimum 10% hermaphrodite plants are required for pollination. The plant needs continual fertilization once it reaches maturity to bear fruits continually.


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