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Oregano Greek

This is the true oregano collected wild in the mountains of Greece. The ancient Greeks gave it its name oregano, meaning ‘joy of the mountains.’ These fragrant flowering plants grow freely on the steep rocky alkaline hills of Greece, Sicily, Southern Italy and Israel, filling the Mediterranean mountain sides with their joyful cheer and intense aroma. Oregano has not only flavoured foods for thousands of years, but it also has had a variety of medicinal uses, from relieving rheumatism and asthma to decongesting stuffy head colds and even calming sea-sickness. Has excellent flavour considered to be better than the Italian Oregano. Low-growing plants have white flowers. Harvest when it is beginning to flower.

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Days to Germinate 7-21

Germination Temperature 20-25 °C

Sowing Depth Surface

Sowing Method Direct sow, transplant recommended

Sowing Media Well-drained; will lose potency if soil is overfed

Water Sparingly

Sun Prefers full sun, but can tolerate part shade

Notes Do not cover, requires light for germination. Oregano has very fine seeds, which may wash away when sown in the ground. So water in a fine mist or spray instead of pouring heavily. The seedlings are prone to “damping off ” so do not over-water. The sun brings the aromatic oils up to the leaf surface and gives the plant its flavour and aroma. Attracts bees and butterflies, so they are good companion plants, encouraging fertilisation of vegetable crops. Suited for container growing.


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