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Marigold F2 – African Vanilla Cream

Tagetes erecta

A flower garden is not considered complete without the good old-fashioned French and African marigolds. Their warm colours cheer all summer long and positively blaze in the light of early autumn. Native to the Americas and said to have been sacred to the Aztecs. Tallest of the marigolds with largest leaves and flowers. Plants make a striking highlight in large borders and crank out cuts. Also finds use medically as a home remedy. An ideal plant to start with for novice gardeners because they are one of the easiest to grow. One more significant benefit is that they repel nematodes and keep the garden nematode free. Attractive creamy-white colour with 2½ – 3 in. flowers.

* Fragrant * Easy to grow * Attracts butterflies, birds and bees

Uses: Beds and borders, Cut flowers, Container

Annual. Approx. 30 hybrid F2 seeds

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Days to Germinate: 05 to 14

Germination Temperature: 18 to 24 (°C)

Sowing Media / Soil Type: Peaty

Sowing Depth: 1/16 in.

Sowing Method: Direct sow, transplant recommended

Water: Moderately depending upon the soil and climatic conditions – keep the soil moist but not too wet

Sun: Prefers full sun

Notes: Cover the seed slightly as light inhibits germination. Prefers darkness to germinate, do not sow seed where it can receive light. Pat the seeds down gently in the sowing media. Fast and easy to grow from seed. Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves. Space 6-18 in. apart in full sun. Site in a neutral to slightly alkaline, average, well-drained soil. Pinch to promote compactness and deadhead to prolong flowering. Taller types may need staking. Very tolerant of exposure, heat, and humidity, but will need supplemental watering during droughts, though tolerates drought well. Water Marigolds at ground level, rather than with overhead irrigation.


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