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This important culinary and medicinal herb grows in tropical regions and is used extensively in Asia particularly in Thailand. It is also grown in the Caribbean, where it is used for preparing tea for reducing fever. In Malaysia, it is used extensively as a flavouring agent, as well as in perfumery and aromatherapy. This useful plant has a strong lemon flavour and can be grown successfully outside in temperate climates, although it rarely flowers in cooler regions or when cultivated. It is now grown commercially for its widely used essential oil. Coarse grass sets 6–12 harvestable stalks, looking something like pencil leeks, slightly bulbous at the base. Harvest the tough stalks low; the plants will re-grow. Chopped or ground, fresh, dried or frozen, added to Thai soups, sauces and stir-fries, or made into a delicious medicinal tea which aids digestion.

East-Indian Lemon Grass is also called Cochin Grass or Malabar Grass and occasionally Citronella grass. However, strictly speaking Citronella is although from the same Cymbopogon family but is a different species.

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Days to Germinate 7-15

Germination Temperature 18-33 °C

Sowing Depth Surface / Cover lightly

Sowing Method Direct sow, transplant recommended

Sowing Media Average-to-rich, moist, well-drained; will grow outside in almost any soil

Water Moderately till germination and few days after, then heavily

Sun Prefers full Sun

Notes Sow seed on surface of soil and press into soil or cover lightly, as light aids germination. Moisten lightly, and cover with dome lid or other cover to conserve moisture. Keep soil temperature at around 21 – 25 °C until germination (or 20 °C at night and 30 °C during the day). Do not overwater before or following germination! Transplant clumps into larger cells and grow in warm. Transplant 3-4” tall seedling in clumps or as individual plant into the garden. Space 8-12” apart in rows that are 18” apart. Keep moist and well weeded. Rarely flowers as an annual. Best in tropical climate. Suited for container growing in cooler climate. When light levels drop, this plant goes dormant. In the winter, move to a warm site with a temperature no less than 5 ºC. Reduce watering to a minimum. Can be dug and divided in the cold autumn / winter to pot up a start for over-wintering indoors, or start new plants every spring. Mature plant reaches height of 18-36”. The leaves are ready for harvesting in 75 days. Harvest leaves from the outside of the clump to use in cooking for tea. Begin picking anytime after clumps are well-established and growing vigorously. Use fresh or dry in a warm, well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight to prevent oil from drying up. Lemon Grass seeds have naturally low germination (40% is considered good).


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