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Green Magic F1 Hybrid

This summer to fall type broccoli offers very good uniformity of harvest.

Green Magic is in the mid-early maturity class and has a wide adaptability.

Green Magic has a semi-dorned, tight head with medium-small bead size and a good plant habit.



Tips for growing Broccoli:

Germination Temperature (Optimum):  18 to 29 °C     Max.:  35 °C    Min.:  10 °C

Days to Germinate:  6 to 10

Sowing Depth:  ¼ to ½ in.

Indicative Avg. Plant Height:  3 ft.

Spacing In Row:  18 to 24 in.

Spacing Between Rows:  3 ft.

Avg. Days to Maturity:  60 to 80

Notes:  Broccoli heads are composed of tiny, tight, blue-green flower buds in clusters on compact stalks. Require cool temperatures to germinate, but need relatively lower temperatures (15-18 °C) during seedling stage for optimal growth; higher temperatures make seedlings leggy. Heavy fertiliser feeders; for best growth, need regular moisture and 2–3 ft. spacing. Good as succession crop to onions and garlic in beds. Cauliflower and broccoli are damaged by extreme cold and hard frosts. For better stands in dry conditions sow in trenches. Broccoli dislikes extreme temperature and moisture fluctuations. Broccoli contains significant levels of sulforaphane, a substance that helps detoxify carcinogens from the body, may limit the damage of serious lung disease caused by smoking and protect against damage to blood vessels caused by diabetes. Research indicates that teaming fresh broccoli with a spicy food that contains the enzyme myrosinase enhances broccoli’s anti-carcinogenic effects. Suggested companion include radishes, cabbage, brussels sprouts and mustard. Some research indicated that broccoli seed sprouts are higher in sulforaphane than the vegetable itself. However, the broccoli seed which we offer is not food grade and not fit for human consumption as sprouted seeds. Days to maturity are from direct sowing. If transplanted, subtract 20 days from date of transplanting.

Information provided for guidance only and may vary from one cultivar to another.


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