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Basil Genovese

Ocimum basilicum

An intensely scented strain of sweet basil with slightly hairy leaves and purple flowers. The choice of many connoisseurs for making pesto. Named after the region of origin Genoa in Italy, the leaves are slightly smaller and finer than Sweet Basil with more aroma and potency. It is a pesto basil and is very uniform, has excellent colour, and the leaves are thick and downturned. Sweet basil has particular affinity for tomatoes, and no tomato dish should be served without it. A few leaves of fresh basil in tomato salad, soup or sauce will bring words of praise.

  • Part Used: Leaf
  • Uses: Seasoning, Edible, Medicine

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Tips for growing Basil:

Days to Germinate 10 to 15

Germination Temperature 18 to 33 °C

Sowing Depth 1/16 in. Just cover – sprinkle a fine layer of the sowing media or vermiculite over the seeds after sowing

Sowing Method Direct sow, transplant recommended

Sowing Media / Soil Type Well drained

Water Moderately depending upon the soil and climatic conditions – keep the soil moist but not too wet

Sun Prefers full sun – tolerates shade partially

Notes Keep watering to a minimum until germination occurs. Once germinated, water sparingly to prevent seedlings from rotting. Basil is a good companion plant: it repels aphids and fruit flies from other plants, as well as houseflies from the kitchen. Plant them between tomato plant and other vegetables they will also add to the flavour of the other vegetables and plants. Ideal for pots. Pinch them out to give the leaves underneath an opportunity to grow and produce a healthy bushy plant. Prune every 2 to 3 weeks to get vigorous foliage.


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