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Asparagus Mary Washington

Asparagus Mary Washington

Tasty shoots are thick, straight, dark green and tinged purple at the tightly folded tips. Highly resistant to asparagus rust. Fine flavour and high yields have made this an all-time favourite amongst asparagus lovers. Harvest can begin after three years.

Approx. 20 heirloom seeds



Sowing & Growing Information:

Germination Temperature (Optimum):  16 to 29 °C     Max.:  35 °C    Min.:  5 °C

Days to Germinate:  10 to 21

Sowing Depth:  1-1½ in.

Indicative Avg. Plant Height:  5 ft.

Spacing In Row:  18 in.

Spacing Between Rows:  3 to 4 ft.

Avg. Days to Maturity:  730

Notes:  Asparagus are perennials that give 10 to 20 years, or longer, of harvest