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Alatum (Winged Everlasting) – Button Mix

Ammobium alatum

The plants have attractive button-like blooms of flowers that are small and have white petals with a yellow centre. It is also called Winged Everlasting and is very popular to cut, dry and use as an everlasting. This name refers to the raised edges or wings on the thick golden stems and branches. The stems are of slender, woolly, silvery-green or grey with an unusual external ribbing. Native to Australia, this is an excellent flower for the cutting garden.  As soon as the Alatum flowers open about half way they are cut, tied in small bunches, hung up-side-down and dried in warm, well-ventilated rooms. Ideal for beds or small-space gardens.

Uses: Drying, Cut flowers, Beds and borders

Perennial. Indicative height: 12 to 36 in.



Tips for Growing Alatum

Days to Germinate: 10 to 15

Germination Temperature: 16 to 21 °C

Sowing Media / Soil Type: Well drained

Sowing Depth: 1/16 in.

Sowing Method: Direct sow, transplant recommended

Water: Moderately depending upon the soil and climatic conditions – keep the soil moist but not too wet

Sun: Prefers full sun

Notes: The richly flowering Ammobium alatum grows approximately 15 in. wide. The seeds can be sowed in poor, well-drained soil in a sunny position. Ammobium flower seeds may be grown as a perennial in frost free zones. Space seedlings 15 in. apart in full sun and sandy soil enriched with humus. Keep the soil cultivated, water the plants frequently, and fertilize every other week. Deadheading encourages continued blooming. Alatum transplants easily.


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